Solo and Chamber Music

Music for Social Distancing (2020)
unspecified remote ensemble (four or more instruments) and optional conductor, performed over videoconference and streamed

-HLED (2020)
solo violin
duration: variable

soprano (or tenor) and piano
duration: 1′

Stumpery (2017)
wind quintet
duration: 5′

Concerto for Steelpan and Chamber Ensemble (2016)
duration: 19′

Ungroup (2016)
large saxophone ensemble (SSAATTBB)
duration: 7′

Linear Geometry (2015)
two alto saxophones
duration: 6′
commissioned by Jeffrey Loeffert and Jonathan Nichol

alone together (2012)
solo alto saxophone
duration: 7′
commissioned by consortium on Kickstarter

Falling up the down escalator (2009)
saxophone quartet (SATB)
duration: 7′
commissioned by H2 Quartet

Voices 2 (2008)
solo piano
duration: 5′

Inner/Outer Monologue (2007)
solo tenor saxophone
duration: 8′

Color me “Enchanted” (2007)
violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone, and piano
duration: 2′

Greek Lyric Poems (2007)
baritone, alto flute, and piano
text from Greek Lyric Poetry (trans. Sherod Santos)
duration: 15′

Voices (2007)
solo trumpet
duration: 5′

Emulsion Quintet (2007)
clarinet/b. clarinet, soprano saxophone, horn, cello, and marimba
duration: 13′
winner of Michigan State University Honors Competition

Elegy (2005)
soprano, baritone, horn, and string quartet
duration: 18′
winner of 2006 BMI Student Composer Award


Castbot (2016, ongoing)
duration: ongoing

The Menace of Mechanical Music (2014)
soprano saxophone and laptop (interactive, Pure Data)
duration: 5′

Sampolin Jam (2011), with Nate Bliton
Sampolin and Bovalve (electroacoustic)
duration: 5′30″

Large Ensemble

What. On Earth. Was That. (2023, in progress)
narrator and orchestra

Pandemic Time (2020)
duration: 2′

Soon to be Echoes (2012)
wind ensemble
duration: 4′
commissioned by the Hastings College Symphonic Band

Concerto for Steelpan and Wind Ensemble (2011)
duration: 19′

Folding in (2008)
duration: 8′
commissioned by the Tyler Youth Orchestra

Music for Media

Possessions (2018-19)
mobile game by Lucid Labs, published by Noodlecake Studios
music and sound design
released 19 September 2019 on Apple Arcade