Solo and Chamber Music

Open Folio (2022)
solo vibraphone
duration: 8′
commissioned by Kansas Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association

Music for Social Distancing (2020)
unspecified remote ensemble (four or more instruments) and optional conductor, performed over videoconference and streamed

-HLED (2020)
solo violin
duration: variable

soprano (or tenor) and piano
duration: 1′

Stumpery (2017)
wind quintet
duration: 5′

Concerto for Steelpan and Chamber Ensemble (2016)
duration: 19′

Ungroup (2016)
large saxophone ensemble (SSAATTBB)
duration: 7′

Linear Geometry (2015)
two alto saxophones
duration: 6′
commissioned by Jeffrey Loeffert and Jonathan Nichol

alone together (2012)
solo alto saxophone
duration: 7′
commissioned by consortium on Kickstarter

Falling up the down escalator (2009)
saxophone quartet (SATB)
duration: 7′
commissioned by H2 Quartet

Voices 2 (2008)
solo piano
duration: 5′

Inner/Outer Monologue (2007)
solo tenor saxophone
duration: 8′

Color me “Enchanted” (2007)
violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone, and piano
duration: 2′

Greek Lyric Poems (2007)
baritone, alto flute, and piano
text from Greek Lyric Poetry (trans. Sherod Santos)
duration: 15′

Voices (2007)
solo trumpet
duration: 5′

Emulsion Quintet (2007)
clarinet/b. clarinet, soprano saxophone, horn, cello, and marimba
duration: 13′
winner of Michigan State University Honors Competition

Elegy (2005)
soprano, baritone, horn, and string quartet
duration: 18′
winner of 2006 BMI Student Composer Award


Castbot (2016-2022)
duration: ongoing

The Menace of Mechanical Music (2014)
soprano saxophone and laptop (interactive, Pure Data)
duration: 5′

Sampolin Jam (2011), with Nate Bliton
Sampolin and Bovalve (electroacoustic)
duration: 5′30″

Large Ensemble

What. On Earth. Was That. (2023)
narrator and orchestra
commissioned by the Allen Philharmonic Orchestra

Pandemic Time (2020)
duration: 2′

Soon to be Echoes (2012)
wind ensemble
duration: 4′
commissioned by the Hastings College Symphonic Band

Concerto for Steelpan and Wind Ensemble (2011)
duration: 19′

Folding in (2008)
duration: 8′
commissioned by the Tyler Youth Orchestra

Music for Media

Possessions (2018-19)
mobile game by Lucid Labs, published by Noodlecake Studios
music and sound design
released 19 September 2019 on Apple Arcade