I have a deep and inappropriate love for the Internet. See how I capitalize “Internet”? (Don’t trust the Associated Press; they can’t even comma right.) Here are some links to things I do/did on the web.

Twitter – I go by @davemacdo here and most other social media.

Mastodon – Turns out Twitter is (currently) a dumpster fire. I’m mostly off of it.

YouTube – Sometimes I post my music here.

SoundCloud – Sometimes I post it here.

My writing at Scoring Notes – I’m occasional contributor to one of the primary online publications covering the art and technology music notation and engraving.

Scoring Notes podcast – I cohost the show with the site’s editor, Philip Rothman.

Composer Diversity Database – This is a project founded by Rob Deemer to help presenters, performers, educators, and researchers  discover new composers from traditionally underrepresented groups. I built and designed their original web app. I no longer work on the project, but it’s important enough to link to anyway.

Null-state – I joined the board of this wonderful electroacoustic collaboration in January 2018, but I’ve been a fan for much longer. Look for a growing collection of educational materials in the near future.

This Page Left Intentionally Useless – my occasional blog, which occasionally addresses music