I have a deep and inappropriate love for the Internet. See how I capitalize “Internet”? (Don’t trust theĀ Associated Press; they can’t even comma right.) Here are some links to things I do/did on the web.

Twitter – I go by @davemacdo here and most other social media.

YouTube – Sometimes I post my music here.

SoundCloud – Sometimes I post it here.

My writing at Scoring Notes – I’m occasional contributor to one of the primary online publications covering the art and technology music notation and engraving.

Composer Diversity Database – This is a project founded by Rob Deemer to help presenters, performers, educators, and researchersĀ  discover new composers from traditionally underrepresented groups. I built and designed their original web app. I no longer work on the project, but it’s important enough to link to anyway.

Null-state – I joined the board of this wonderful electroacoustic collaboration in January 2018, but I’ve been a fan for much longer. Look for a growing collection of educational materials in the near future.

This Page Left Intentionally Useless – my occasional blog, which occasionally addresses music

Central Florida Composers Forum is an incredible group of composers in the Orlando area. Our members include composers of diverse backgrounds, from expensively trained nerds like me to people who are only beginning to experiment with sounds later in life. It’s a mix of concert and media music, diverse aesthetics, and we have a really good time. I served as the president of this group from 2013-2018.

Timucua Arts Foundation is a wonderful community arts organization that presents free concerts in Orlando. I do digital media there, including their website, e-commerce, membership solution, and podcast.

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