alone together (2012)

solo alto saxophone
duration: 7′


alone together is a set of two pieces for alto saxophone. I have always been fascinated by the idea of “compound melody,” a single-line instrument expressing more than one contrapuntal part. Taking that concept a bit further, “can(n)on: alone together” is a two-part canon played by a single saxophonist. Thinking about being by oneself, but being in a group at the same time led me to Eric Dolphy’s 1963 recording of “Alone Together” with bassist Richard Davis on the album Conversations. The title of my work is taken from this inspiration. I have long admired Dolphy’s ability to create lines that are both disjunct and lyrical, seemingly at the same time. The second piece in this set “(dis/mis/re)placed” is my way of expressing a similar idea.

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