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Site Down?

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So here’s the thing. I have this domain registered with GoDaddy. I’m in the process of transferring it to Hover. The Domain Name System used by the web is extremely complicated and fascinating (if extremely geeky) to read about. The thing is, it can take up to 48-hours for changes in a domain registration to make it to all the DNS servers around the world, so this site may be down for up to 48 hours (probably not that long) in the near future. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone anywhere. If you’re curious why I’m moving, read on. Otherwise, thus endeth the blog post.

Tech-wise, GoDaddy is good enough for me, and it’s relatively cheap. The other side of that is their system of upselling. They make you click through page after page of crap you don’t need when checking out. If you use them, you seriously need to be careful not to spend hundreds on crap you don’t need. That kind of bothers me. It’s not how business should work, and I resent that they try to take advantage of people who don’t know any better. They’re like the bad auto mechanics who prey on a customer’s lack of car knowledge just because they can, providing unneeded oil changes, belt replacements, filter replacements, etc. I’m no computer wiz, but I know that I don’t need an SSL certificate for this site. I’ll tell YOU what I need. Also, GoDaddy’s ads make me feel sleazy.